About A Joyful Life in God’s Hands

Front cover of book

Front cover of book

Born, raised and educated in Los Angeles, California, the author enjoyed camping with her family, vacation Bible schools at her church, and summers at Christian camps in the nearby mountains. There, she began to learn the value of Christian service.

Later, missionaries to the Belgian Congo (Democratic Republic of Congo) and the jungles of Brazil visited her childhood home, inspiring her even more. The result of all these events was a burning desire to become a missionary herself.

She prepared for this by attending Bible college and studying/training at the Lutheran hospital to be a nurse. In pursuit of her goal, she met and married a young minister who was preparing himself for missionary work. Meanwhile, they had a family, two girls and two boys, and they spent the next 22 years ministering to Christian churches in Washington, Idaho and mostly California.

During that time, her husband went back to school and got a doctorate in linguistics. Finally, in her late 40s, they went to the Philippines to begin what she had prepared for her entire life: missionary work, Bible translation in the Philippines.

Copyright © 2014
Rose Fern (Mickey) Richards
Self-published print version published through the Publishing Services of College Press Publishing Co., Joplin, MO, USA.

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Table of Contents



1 My Forebears

2 My Early Life at Church

3 My Early Life at Home

4 Grammar School Days, Part 1

5 School Days, Part 2 (Junior High and High School Days)

6 Denver Avenue Memories

7 Dawson Family Events Memories

8 Influential People in My Life

9 College Days, Part 1: LACC, Phillips University and NCC

10 College Days, Part 2: Life at SJBC

11 Nurses Training

12 Wedding and Honeymoon

13 Our First Home

14 Our First Full Time Ministry: Zillah, WA

15 Boise Bible College: Our Ministry in Idaho

16 Back to School in California

17 Our Ministry at University Christian Church

18 Life in the San Fernando Valley

19 Our Plans for the Future

20 Jungle Training Camp

21 Preparations for Moving to the Philippines

22 The Container Ship Washington, States Line

23 Looking for Our New Home

24 Our Second Trip to Abra, Part 1: Return to Abra

25 Our Second Trip to Abra, Part 2: All for Naught

26 Transition to Piat

27 Life in Piat

28 Language Learning and Linguistic Analysis

29 Cultural Observations

30 Activities Away from Piat

31 Early Growth of the Itawes Church of Christ

32 Dialect Variation Survey

33 We Move to Enrile

34 Our House in Enrile

35 Adding a New Section to the House

36 The Eight Steps of Our Bible Translation

37 The Printing Procedure

38 Dedication of the Itawes New Testament

39 Clothing Distribution

40 Eyeglass Distribution

41 Christmas Times

42 Fiesta in Enrile

43 Angel of the Lord

44 Running Water

45 The Pump Well

46 An Enrile Wake

47 Corn Harvest

48 VBS in the Itawes Region

49 Our Trip to Portugal, Part 1

50 Our Trip to Portugal, Part 2

51 Philippine Sightseeing with Our Sisters

52 Thanksgiving for Our Permanent Residence Visas

53 Our Golden Wedding Anniversary

54 Our Trip to Alaska

55 A Typical Day in Rizal

56 Malaweg Bible Dedication

57 Our Change of Plans

58 The Rats

59 Revision of the Itawes Bible

60 Preparation for the Launching of the Revised Itawes Bible

61 Launching of Ya Ergo Y Afu Dios (Revised Itawes Bible)

62 What We Did When We Retired

63 Our Trip to the East

64 Amelia Julian

Appendix: Lost, But Not Alone: Chuck’s Adventure in Abra

3 thoughts on “About A Joyful Life in God’s Hands

  1. I wrote you a letter but never knew if it arrived. I am so excited about your book. I am so so so proud of you. You and Chuck are such an example to us and we love you. Bev. Skiles Taiwan


    • I am very pleased that that you felt my presence so near. As I was writing it, that’s the way I felt about the people I was writing to, in fact. I really felt like they would care about what I was saying to them. — from Mickey Richards


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