It is to the Lord God Himself that I owe the highest praise and thanks for making my life, and this book, possible. He has been the One in control constantly from the very beginning to the present. He knew my entire life from the moment I was conceived, as it says in Psalm 139:13, 16b, “For You created my inmost being; You knit me together in my mother’s womb, All the days ordained for me were written in Your book before one of them came to be.” Thank You, Father, for leading me. Thank You for being in control.

Thanks also to you, my dear husband, Chuck. You have been my most faithful companion all through the years. You have been a blessing in so many ways, and when I talked to you about writing a book many years ago, before we ever became missionaries, you encouraged me. In whatever writing I did, you gave me the terminology or information I needed at the appropriate time. You always seemed to have the answer to whatever the question was. When I was ready to quit, you let me quit, but when I felt a desire to start again, you were all for it and helped in whatever way you could. You allowed me to be myself in all of this, and I appreciate all you did. Thank you for being such a wonderful partner throughout our lives as we have worked together and served the Lord in the best way we knew how. He has been the One who has been in control throughout these years. Sometimes we “threw out the fleece” in order to know what He would have us do and He never failed us. Other times, He led in different ways, but always it was He who chose our path.

Thanks to you, my son, Leroy, the best editor I could possibly have had. You have helped me more than I thought you could. I fully appreciate you and all you did in giving me insights and helping me see what we could do to make the story clearer. You caused me to think in ways that I would not have otherwise. You seemed to understand me in whatever I said, and you seemed to know where I was coming from and where I wanted to go. If a spiritual matter was involved, you even seemed to feel that and know what I would do or say in that situation. You gave me the answer that was the best fit in each situation. I truly believe that God gave you to me as a special angel or messenger from Him to help me in this autobiography. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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